Citizen’s Advisory Board of Cleveland County (CAB) was developed and implemented in 1989 with one specific goal: fulfill the Christmas wish lists of children in out-of-home care in Cleveland County. The program received tremendous support from the community and the wish lists of 69 children were filled that year. Today, this program still fully relies on the community for support, but has grown considerably. In 2016, CAB was able to fulfill the wish lists of 774 children. This community makes a difference!

Over the years, CAB began a Special Needs program to help with broader needs like clothing, food, and gas in order to assist children and their families in achieving permanence. As our community grows and as government assistance dwindles, the needs of our most vulnerable citizens continues to grow. It is CAB’s goal to not only meet the basic needs of these children, but to provide opportunities for growth throughout the year.

CAB is composed of members of our community that come from various walks of life and are de