Where Your Money Goes

How Your Donations Were Spent in 2011

In 2012, Secret Santa provided Christmas for 537 children and Christmas dinner for 14 families in Cleveland County. CAB spent $93,681.39 on Special Needs situations for the 500-700 children in Cleveland County foster care, biologically related placements, and those receiving preventative services. Providing emergency food, clothing, medication, and year-long support for the children of these families provided a normalcy and stability for these adults.

Some of the Special Needs items included:

Emergency Clothing 220 Children School Assistance 16 Children
Emergency Food & Meals 248 Children School Trips & Compensations 16 Children
Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner 24 Families Sports Equipment 7 Children
Emergency Medication & Hospital Support 45 Children Tornado, Fire, & Storm Assistance 78 Children
Relocate Families to Support Systems 44 Children Camp Help & Camp Equipment 8 Children
Fostering Support 17 Children 71 Sibling Reunification Visits 90 Children
Adoption & Reunification 31 Children Gas Cards for Parent/Teen Work Affecting 66 Children
Beds, Cribs, Bedding Furniture, Car Seats 52 Children Paging at State Capitol 10 Teens
Emergency Beds/Bedding/Meals at DHS Offices for Teens Independent Living Program,
38 Teens
Family Assistance 14 Children and
13 Families
Graduation Gifts 7 Teens
Death Support 5 Families Float Trip 24 Teens
Lice, Bed Bug, Haircuts 16 Children State Teen Conference 17 Teens
22 Fans & 1 Air Conditioner 23 Families Storage Unit(s) 700+ Children
Back to School Assistance 34 Children Staff – Training, Retention, Program Meetings 700+ Children
Winter Coats 75 Children

Thank You! We could not provide the assistance we do with your support!